android Ellipse

Ellipse lets you arrange and animate 3d shapes to create amazing patterns. Works great with Google Cardboard for 3D and has plenty of options to keep you creating new and amazing arrangements.

android Ellipse

You trapped in a quantum time loop and you need to find the black hole to escape.

android game Fuzz Ball

Fuzz Ball is a fun and exciting memory game. Remember the commands and repeat them on the Fuzz Ball.

Space Junk

Blast away the space junk to get to your destination. Space Junk is an awesome 3D journey with tons of backgrounds, objects and lasers.


Swap! is a challenging puzzle game where the player arranges colored blocks to match four in a row.


Spider Swarm is a creepy Halloween game. The spiders are coming down the hallway and you need to tap them to survive. See how long you can last against the spider swarm!

android game Quantum Explorer

Quantum Explorer is an action style puzzle game. Explorer the quantum universe and use particles to help you along.

android game squared

Squared is a fun and colorful puzzle game. Arrange colored blocks to match patterns and get points.

android game Battle Grid

Battle Grid is a challenging puzzle game where you need to plan your moves carefully.